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Got IRS Penalties? We Can Help Remove Them


Don’t Let Fees Pile Up – Lower Your Tax Debt


Are your monthly penalties and interest adding up fast? We can help reduce or eliminate them!


If the IRS charged you a Failure to File penalty or Late-Filing penalty, our experts will help you apply to see if you qualify to have these penalties removed.


Significantly Lower Your Tax Debt


Don’t pay what you don’t have to! We can help you apply and see if you qualify.


If any of these situations apply to you, you may be approved for penalty abatement:

  • Unavoidable circumstances caused the tax debt, their failure to file, or late filing
  • Unavoidable absence (prison, rehab, serious medical problems)
  • Natural disasters (fire, flooding, hurricane, tornadoes, etc.)
  • Tragic circumstances (e.g. Terrorist incident)
  • Bad advice from the IRS
  • Bad advice from a tax professional

If you believe your circumstances make you eligible for a possible penalty abatement, we can help! Call today for a free consultation with a tax expert.

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