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Cut IRS Tax Debt with a Penalty Abatement!

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Taxpayers suffering from a tax debt know all too well how their debt amount balloons due to the monthly penalties and interest the IRS charges. While interest is not usually dischargeable, penalties are, and can be reduced or eliminated depending on a taxpayer's situation.

Along with specific penalties, such as the Failure to File penalty and Late-Filing penalty, there are additional penalties that are automatically charged to a taxpayer's tax debt because the debt remains unpaid. Taxpayers with special circumstances can apply to have these types of penalties removed from their tax debt, which can greatly reduce the overall amount, making it easier to pay by lessening the payments.

To apply for an IRS Penalty Abatement, taxpayers will need to file Form 843. The most common reason for a penalty abatement are usually classified under "reasonable causes," which are legitimate reasons for not paying or filing taxes. There are many reasonable causes that result in an application approved, such as:

  • Unavoidable circumstances that caused the tax debt, their failure to file, or late filing
  • Unavoidable absence (prison, rehab, serious medical problems)
  • Natural disasters (fire, flooding, hurricane, tornadoes, etc)
  • Tragic circumstances (ex. Boston marathon bombings)
  • Bad advice from the IRS
  • Bad advice from a tax professional

The requirements for penalty abatement are accepted if the events that prevented the taxpayer from staying compliant with the IRS were beyond their control. If you believe your circumstances make you eligible for a possible penalty abatement, call today for a free consultation with a tax expert.

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