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There are many times taxpayers try to resolve their tax problem themselves. While small tax problems are easily solved through a payment plan or paying the IRS in a lump sum, complicated and large tax debts may need the expertise of a licensed tax professional to ensure taxpayers are receiving the best resolution to their tax issue.

The best tax professional a taxpayer can choose to assist them with negotiations with the IRS is a licensed tax professional. For complex tax problems, a licensed tax professional can greatly increase a taxpayer's chances of reaching a favorable resolution. Their knowledge of tax laws and codes, IRS policies and the experience in debt negotiations, make them indispensable.

What is a Tax Attorney?
Many tax relief companies will claim to have tax professionals on staff, and while enrolled agents are certified tax professionals, a tax attorney is the ultimate defense against the IRS. A tax attorney is a licensed tax professional who is admitted to the state bar to practice law, and is able to represent taxpayers at every level of the IRS. Many tax attorneys have also earned a Masters in Taxation as well as their Juris Doctorate degrees. Taxpayers need to review the qualifications of any tax attorney they are considering to hire, and should avoid tax attorneys who charge retainer fees.

An important responsibility of a licensed tax professional is to keep taxpayers' expectations realistic. A responsible licensed tax professional will be direct with what they are able to achieve based off a taxpayer's circumstances. To speak with a licensed tax professional about your tax issue, call us today for a free consultation.

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